"Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve."

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"All are right.
None are wrong."

Christianity- Son of God.

Catholic- One God as a Trinity.

Hindu- One Supreme within many Gods and Goddesses. 

Islam- One God for all.

Buddhism- Cycles of Rebirth

Mormon- 13 Articles of Faith

Chinese Religion- Yin and Yang, Cho Ku Rei

Christian Science- Mind and Body, Healing

New Age- Ascension, vibration, Karma

Sikhism- Balance with God

Taoism- Inner harmony, Opposites make up Harmony

Serer- Tree of life

Pagan- Elements, Spirits in all 

Shamanism- Everything is connected. 


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A fine selection of super sweet and hot dads…I just think they’re the cutest!

Anonymous said: Would you ever be with a girl?

Yeah I would but the only girl I’d ever be with is Ireland Baldwin cause well that’s the love of my life no lie 😍😍😍😍

Anonymous said: Would you date a guy with a kid?

Yes I would dad’s are sexy. But some girls fail to understand that his child will always be his first priority girl’s are disposable remember that

Anonymous said: What kind of guy's do you find attractive?!?

Well I like tall white boy’s but then I also like they hipster boy’s but I also like boy’s that look like they haven’t slept for day’s and look like there on drugs so I guess you can say my type is bipolar like me! Hahaa 😀😀😀

Anonymous said: You can pull off sexy and then look so cute and beautiful at the same time.. You are a dream!

So I’ve been told it’s kinda weird but I get it.. And thank you that’s sweet

"I’m a paradox. I want to be happy, but I think of things that make me sad. I’m lazy, yet I’m ambitious. I don’t like myself, but I also love who I am. I say I don’t care, but I really do. I crave attention, but reject it when it comes my way. I’m a conflicted contradiction. If I can’t figure myself out, there’s no way anyone else has."

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says no one ever.


says no one ever.

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"Don’t touch me if you don’t mean it."

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"Nobody drinks a bottle of vodka for fun, and that’s a damn fact."

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who is that😍


who is that😍

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"One day you’ll kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life"

"One day you’ll kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life"